Strategic communications

Our clients benefit fully from the team’s experience and expertise in all areas of capital market communications. Adhering closely to a one-voice policy, we support you with a compelling portrayal of your business development for communication purposes. Your business model and corporate goals can thus be presented in all the relevant media channels in a way appropriate to the specific addressee.

Structured dialogue with all relevant internal and external stakeholders

More information
  • Developing strategy, structure and content of corporate communications
  • Consulting and support with communicating corporate strategy and company goals
  • Support with target-group-specific media work
  • Adaptation of detailed content and communication channels to match the particular requirements of individual internal and external target groups:
    • Implementation of documents giving guidance on communications with employees, business partners, industry associations, politicians etc.
    • Content creation for intranet, internet, social media (texts, graphics, presentations)
    • Strategic press and media relations with opinion-leading publications
    • Content development for live events with external and internal stakeholders