Special situations

Strategic repositioning, corporate transactions or, equally, profit warnings present IR- and PR departments with significant challenges in terms of both content and organisation. The fact that special situations are played out under the gaze of the stock-trading public can be a further impediment to an optimum solution. Specific know-how must be gathered as quickly as possible and clear strategic communications guidelines need to be developed. In such circumstances our expertise and capacities are at your disposal.

Repositioning, corporate transactions

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  • Communications support before and during the implementation of strategic restructuring processes
  • Support with formulating key communications elements of the new strategy
  • Content-related development of necessary documents and publications
  • Supporting measures to communicate the change in strategy to external and internal addressees and monitoring their success

Ad hoc situations

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  • Advice on the communications challenges of special situations
  • Thinking partner for management board and communications departments
  • Advice on strategic communications throughout the entire process according to a one-voice policy
  • Operational support and assistance to PR- and IR departments