25. August 2017
How Supervisory Board communication supports corporate risk mitigation

Growing “say-on-pay“ discussion due to tight legislative framework

Legislation on external communication by Supervisory Boards in the dualistic German system is regarded as relatively tight. Still, international and institutional investors increasingly strive for direct contact to Supervisory Boards, as commonly practiced in the Anglo-Saxon and French markets. What are the implications for German businesses? And how should German companies face this new demand for access and communication?


19. January 2017
Sponsored Investment Story Marketing - new product for direct communication between issuer and investor
  • Particularly companies with medium to small market capitalisation need to establish new ways of investor access
  • Personal relationship with investors is crucial for capital market visibility
  • Sponsored Investment Story Marketing unites strategic communication with expertise in financial research and sales


29. November 2016
New SME-segment at Deutsche Börse

On 21 November, Deutsche Börse announced the introduction of a new segment to facilitate SMEs the access to investors and growth capital. As the same time the end of the Entry-Standard was declared, the segment in which 141 corporations and 58 bonds are listed. We have summarized the most relevant information for you in the following document in German.

17. October 2016
Invitation to “Investor Targeting” seminar

The seminar offers you background knowledge on investment strategies and key decision criteria of the buy side and tools for successful relationship cultivation with investors.
Investor targeting is currently one of the most important topics on the investor relations agenda. The capability to identify relevant investors and to cultivate a sustainable relationship is becoming a key qualification of investor relations managers. The seminar “Investor Targeting” (in German language) offers you fundamental knowledge bricks and initial guidelines for your day to day work.

17. October 2016
CSR wird Pflicht

Bis Ende 2016 soll die sogenannte CSR-Richtlinie 2014/95/EU in nationales Recht umgesetzt werden. Für Unternehmen der EU-Mitgliedstaaten bedeutet dies, dass sie ab 2017 nichtfinanzielle Informationen systematisch und transparent darlegen müssen. Höchste Zeit also, um die Saat für ein Nachhaltigkeitsrerporting auszubringen. Wie ist das Thema anzugehen, und wo ist es ratsam, zuallererst anzupacken? Hier ein Überblick in aller Kürze.