Expert knowledge among equals

The same principle applies for all mandates of MATHEE GmbH: We concentrate on the essentials and deliver maximum customer use. The individual needs and demands of the issuer are of paramount importance to us. In close co-operation with the customer, we exactly define what the necessary scope of communications activities is. The same discipline applied for the implementation: Our ultimate goal is to improve the perception in public and at the capital markets and thus contribute to an ideal corporate valuation. Our dictum: Communications has to generate operational and strategical freedom!

Practical consulting means your success on the capital market

Best-in-class standards and familiarity with established practices make a company an investors’ darling. Simply reporting business developments and complying with regulatory framework conditions leave share prices totally at the mercy of free market forces. The point of investor relations is to build up unshakable confidence and credibility. They feed the capital market with fast and accurate information about the company when times are good and foster a readiness to keep listening if a crisis does arise. For all the product modules and processes needed to achieve good investor relations, we offer professional support built on profound capital market experience.

Backup for your investor relations

Special projects, ad hoc situations and even parts of day-to-day business often call for considerably more resources than are available. Specific expertise or additional capacities can be required at the drop of a hat or only for a limited time. At short notice you can delegate to us those very tasks whose execution calls for a custom fit and flexibility. Our team is distinguished by many years spent working in companies, in research and in portfolio management. Our unique selling point is a profound and multi-award-winning expertise, combined with broad project experience on the capital market.

Excellent performance in pursuit of your objectives

Achieving good results quickly depends on seamless and efficient processes. We adapt to suit your needs and structures exactly. With the greatest care and – it goes without saying – in strict confidence right from the start, we gather all the relevant information, work together with you to define the goals you aspire to, develop the matching concept and ensure its effective implementation. Ask for details of our many client references. We will be happy to oblige!