Lucia Mathée

Communication and mindset: Lucia Mathée


  • Business owner:
    MATHEE GmbH  (i.l. since January 1st 2023)
  • Leader:
    Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications for Vossloh AG (2007-2017)
  • Senior Management Coach:
    Systemic Coach (EBS)
  • Senior Expert Investor Relations:
    Consulting and support of companies in DAX to Micro Cap (1998 - today)
  • Financial analyst:
    Financial Analyst (DVFA, since 1987)


Happy and long-time married wife and proud mother of three wonderful adult daughters, passionate working mom, bon vivant, hard worker & natural leader.

What do I represent?

I have experienced it again and again: communicative success is easily taken for granted. But if it fails, plenty of retrospective recommendations and comments are being made. However, correct and effective communication requires evaluation and reflection, discussion and involvement, context analysis and definition of goals in advance. I am sure: Good communication is always individual, contextual and - of course! - relative.

Good communication relies on the structures behind it and is embedded in a long-term strategy. Good, effective communication is based on attitude and intention, it is only then truly authentic and lasting. I am committed to this credo.

And what is in it for you?

For my clients and with all the projects I am responsible for, I get to the heart of the matter. Clearly, concisely and quickly. If you assign me a task, I deliver results; agile, strong in realization and with high speed.

Our cooperation would be project-related but I am happy to form a long-term basis. Together with you I will develop your communication structure, your communication strategy and your communication measures.

Please get in touch with me via mail or phone- I look forward to it.


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